Monday, April 18, 2011

Reasons Why I’m Terrified of New York Skin Solution.

Hello peeps.. :)

I've been to New York Skin Solution on 2006 for a treatment for my skin. So here's are some experiences that I should really share with you guys. 

Yes, I admitted that New York Skin Solutions takes their customers very seriously. Their services are professional and up to date. As they are equipped with the latest technology and skills in the skin care industry. You'll feel safe in their hands as you see your skin restore its natural youthfulness and in you, your self-confidence. 

Everyone that's having such a skin problem will eager to step into New York Skin Solution for a treatment as we saw the effectiveness in television program Pakar Kejelitaan.So, because of the enthusiasm, I straight away called the center for an appointment for the free "Consultation service and treatment" as they advertised on media. Glad, after a day they called and welcomed me to the place. I was very excited because everything sounded good till I went for it...

Till then...
I spotted 3 things that made me terrified..

1)Suka Paksa 
So I stepped in for the free consultation (skin check up) and 10 minutes facial. After it was done, we discussed about my skin condition. It isn't really bad because i only having an oily skin so i didn't plan to straight away sign the contract for further treatments because it is costly. I refused and told the consultant that i might need some time to make a decision. Hence, the consultant still coaxing me and pushed me to sign and made the payments. (kalau tak sign, macam taknak kasi keluar dari bilik kecik yang dipenuhi dengan geng2 dia)

I kept refuses, but the time was already late and i need to drive back to the campus. So I got no choice..i've signed. ;(

2)Asyik nak duit je_mahal
Hmmm, to cut short..I already paid about 4k's plus and its nearly 5k's included the products. I only went for 7-8 sessions. Every-time I went for a facial, the consultants will promote me with all the products for a daily uses eventhough I already purchased the basic needs. Sort of serum and etc are only supplements for the skins. Why don't ,they just give me what I needed and stay in the budget circle as I am still a student and couldn't afford much. "Alang-alang budget nak nak tolong biar lah sampai ke pangkal lengan"

3)Banyak tanya
Too many question... What is your father much is his salary...why don't u call your dad and ask him to buy the serum for you. How many money did u have in your bank? how much are you getting from your father per month?..I was like..Apa ni? She even pushed me to call my dad in front of her . What are these craps lahh? Is it good to ask such a personal question to the customers?

I still got more than 20 sessions with them but I dont have the guts to walk in. Takde mood lah asyik kena paksa bayar padahal duit advanced sudah bayar. It is easier if you have credit card instead paying by cash like me. Kalau ada credit card Iagi lah korang kena cekik habis-habisan. :P

For a conclusion, if your skin problem doesn't really a major..then try to discover other products that suits you  rather than wasting your money. Kalau jerawat batu critical dan banyak wang..then okay. :) By the way, the treatment should be continuously, if not your skin condition will back to normal. Duit pun terus menerus habis. Faham tak maksud saya? Sebab tu kalau ada credit card lagi senang untuk them, paksa-paksa sampai we surrender our debit/credit to them. 

p/s:the funny part is they don't even pronounced my name correctly....

Consultant: wah, i like u aah narima. u can speak english very well. some other malay customers aaa, they can't really speak and understand. why malay often dont know english aaa?
(pandang rendah kat orang melayu)

 -sometimes she will call me narima...but for the next session other names will came out..naimah...ramina.. :B..

Happy reading and have a nice day :)


  1. my friend went there to get treatment as well, heck, she paid around RM8k, yes her skin started to be more supple, less pimple on her face.

    But what happen when she completed the treatment? She got more pimples now. So kesian. RM8k burnt.

  2. yeah, my sister goes for those sorta treatment as well and yes they will try their very best to make u sign up for their packages and what not. Becareful next time k? read the contract properly and be firm when you reject them. Hope the treatment works on you! :)

  3. hish teruknya
    teringin jugak nk cuba klo x

  4. hehe...
    harap hasilnya terBaik~
    jangan sekadar cakap ja kan kak ?

  5. Ohmygodddd. sampai macam tu sekali ke? i've crossed on my mind to go there fr any suitable treatments fr my skin since my skin was like urghh damn! easy to get infected with severe pimples. but then alahaii mcm tak berbaloi je kan kalau cmni :$

  6. kakak i pernah pegi but when she's stop. benda naik semua. so, conclusion dia. benda ni jgn pegi. sbb kena berterusan. mampus kalau mcmni. dah lah mahal!

  7. urgh?
    thanks gosh i refused to join my auntie to get those treatment. phew~
    kalau x, melayang dek non duitnye.. hoho

  8. caitt, rendahkan melayu pulak org tuh, kite bako je namee, kite bako!!

  9. gnie..annoy sangat, dia layan customer macam budak kecik. desak2 and manipulate kita.

    sophie...haah. kena buat continuously..kalau tak jerawat akan naik balik. so sama jela mcm pakai product biasa.banyak je product lain yang sama effective nya dengan NSS. macam nami, lepas NSS nami terus try clinique...elok :)

    aiman.they treated us like a small kid. dia siap suruh i call my father and bank in duit on the spot. bodoh gila.

  10. aishah..cuba lah. tapi memang hidup sengsara la. nak pergi pun rasa takut. duit duit duit.

    dedetz..betul. hasil dia memang berkesan tapi ada je product lain yg sma kesannya .berkesan tapi tak ikhlas help customer. duit duit duit.

    sya..haah. irritating tau. I sanggup tak pergi n bazir je balance session tu sebab kalau i pergi, asyik nak duit je.heee....mana nak cekau wang.

  11. nard.z..mahal. rm500 per session. lepas tu x boleh bayar ansuran. kena bayar banyak banyak banyak terus. berterusan tapi discount takde.

    nyze..tak payah pergi. baik u try clinique ke sk2 ke. lagi berkesan. :) then tiap minggu rawat diri je. scrubs and mask.

    wyze...emm dia tengok nama i melayu.then dia tanya dgn muka sombong...r u understand english? i was like...daaaa.mesti lah faham. melayu maju okay.

  12. namee,abg jut go 2 'cikai2 skin care' 2 get some treatment *facial* haha..malu nk ckp. :P but i think we better take care our own rather than throwing our money dat way.bersyukur dgn kurniaan ilahi rite.

  13. abang stalker memang bagus. hehehe. dah la romantic.pandai simpan duit plak tu. ngehehehhehe :)

  14. hahaha..romantic apa mendenya ni namee oi. :P bole darah la hidung abg da kosong. :) sbb.....abg bz dan akan benti menyekodeng utk sementara wktu.

  15. laaa..kenapa macam tu?? outstation ke aussie yeah? bila tu nak bertolak? eh eh romantic gila kot. suka saya baca lelaki tulis macam tu. :)bagus

  16. tp ada gal yg bx la,mgkn abg terbagi harapan pd,urusan kje.pertengahn bln5 ni. :)

  17. i see...hmm, haah mungkin tak semua yang suka jiwang karat. tapi best apa. jiwang lah romantic and focus pada one girl je if dah suka :)..oh tengah bulan may..bestnya. boleh kirim buah tangan ni.hahahha. nak beli banyak2 pun boleh. :P

  18. sis...kalau tukar nama jadi marimar hahaha..cerita filiphines..

    dan tugas diorang memang nk menghabiskan duit tempat tue sesuai utk mak2 datin yg duit berkepuk dalam seguni beras hahaha...supaya nanti datuk2 tak lari hehe

    tapi akak nameerah dh cantik pyh pergi new york skin solutions pun tkpe...ala pakai product garnier pun ok dah kulit hahha

  19. haziqah... hehe. marimar ok gak. cun.ngehehehe. entah lah, nama orang pun tak ingat tapi duit orang nak banyak banyak! haha

    hehe. betul. dari iklan nampak macam best je kalau pergi n berkesan. nampak macam friendly je. sebenarnya horror je pergi sana.

    tak cantik. titik titik jerawat.heheh. sekarang dah malas nak pergi. nanti mintak duit advanced apa plak. rasa nak tampar je.

  20. sardin marina pun boleh. sedap buat masak sambal. haha..

  21. ala namee..abg prg bkn jln2 pun,g utk kje.awl2 boss da sound,"kita x de masa jln2 ye". :D namee kn ada abe pilot.

  22. hehehheheh. boleh lah hadiah saguhati contest dari ostrolia. ngehehhehe. kerja-kerja jugak but still boleh makan angin sambil2 tu :P

  23. haha..dalam betul mknanya tu ye namee.abg pun rs cm nk je hadiah dr UK.saguhati pun jd le.. :B

  24. alamak..saya baru nak try buat treatment kt situ..hurmm serius tak suka dgn apa yg awk alami.
    suka paksa..mahal(yg nih mmg dah jgka dah) tp ska pomot sgt smpai bnda yg x perlu pun nk suruh beli mmg melampau! byk tanya tu..mmg sgt melampau smpi suruh call bpk untuk bli serum? WHAT??? pastu psl bhasa inggeris..nmpk sgt pndg rndh kt melayu..
    CANCEL TRUS..! X MO PI! tq sbb share pengalaman awk.walaupun nmpk remeh tp org cam saya pntgkan hal2 camnih(saya penah keje kt salun,so saya pntgkan hal camnih).

  25. melampau..!
    kalau cenggini punya orang..dia buat baik gila2 dah habis urusan nanti ..jalan sentuh bahu pun tak kenal :(

  26. @zoey..tak payah pergi lah. zoey punya kulit licin dah. mekap pun lawa sbb skin smooth :) suka tgk video2 zoey even saya tak ikut. heheh. suka tengok..really enjoy ur tutorial. saya tak reti mekap.dan bila mekap tak jadi. jadi hantu...hahah.

    @kak es...mereka ini nak wang saja. dalam tv ye ye kata nak bantu. tampar je elok. hehehe

  27. I've heard too many bad things aboout this beauty centre. Haihh.

  28. Tssskkkk!! Its true!!! It doesn't happened to me but to my bff...poor her... she was like.."Damn this people laaaa" And by the way, do u have any ideas on how to terminate the contract??

  29. tssskkkk!! its so true!!! its didn't happen to me but to my bff..poor her.. she was like "DAMN LA U GUYSSSS!!" hahaha
    anyway, do u have any ideas on how to terminate the contract?

  30. takde choice. saya pergi terus je. duit yg ada and extra session yg masih ada tu...saya lepaskan je. daripada kena cekik duit lg.

  31. Kalo dh sign up boleh x nk cancel?cmne ea pliz bntu...

  32. Kalau dh sign up cmne nk cancel ea?pluz bntu..ari tu 1st kna 580 tp byr 350 sbb xde duit..dua suruh buat 10treatment..lg 2050 nk to cancel?

  33. rasa duit tak refundable. saya punya duit banyak lagi with them. malas nak gi sebab tiap kali gi mesti nak duit. tak habis2. rasa bodoh je pergi sana. sekali facial 500. baik takyah. yang dia buat orang tertipu tu sebab dia kata hanya 350...pastu bila gi sana...terus paksa sign contract. pastu tiap kali lepas facial mintak duit lg.mesti lah kita TERPAKSA bayar kan ?T_T . total out nak sampai hilang jerawat mungkin 8ribu kot.

  34. oh lagi satu..tiap kali u buat facial....lepas tu dia akan paksa u beli ubat. ubat dia ratus2 harga. nama je 10 session tapi tiap kali session u akan kena cekik lagi. :)

  35. Salam namee, saya pun kene macam tu baru2 ni. and sape2 tau, if kite dah sign untuk pembayaran skin care dorg and letak deposit, boleh tak kite nak cancel or ignore je?? aritu sign n baya deposit tu sebab malas dah banka cite nak cepat balik. So how?? boleh kene sue tak??? malangnye saye tak bace plak ape bende yg saye sign tu. hukhuk sesape boleh tolong jawab jika tau??

    1. Salam znajahah, I pun kena case yg same dgn awk, blh tak I tau what action did you take? Continue treatment ke cancel/ignore je? Please help T_T


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