Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger 2011 by Sandra Azwan

Hello peeps.. :)

Sandra AzwanHello, feel free to join my special contest! Thanks babe!;-)

Namee Roslan: :D eh mesti lah free..

Style, Share & Inspire!
By Sandra Azwan..why are u so gempak?

Tell Us About Your Blog?  ( 70 words or less :When and why you started it, how often you update, and your viewers)
Essentially, was born spontaneously on 15th of January 2011. Why? I  wanted to try new things so, I wrote and Alhamdulillah  the reader's seems comfortable with my writings which usually updated 1-2 entries a week. became more robust when Ben Ashaari promotes me in his blog and since then i catch more readers and thousands of visitor. As a blogger, we'll feel satisfied if our post be read by people. 

What is your personal style?
Definitely it refers to a “fashion sense.” So I can say that I am a 'simple Posh' as whatever is the latest and greatest in fashion, I’ve already have it in my closet. And who cares about the price of those labels?  It doesn’t have to be LV or Gucci to shine. Any street I walk down is my own runway. Looking good means you feel good, so why not, I just allow my imagination to roam with my comfortable outfits. It's just me! :)

A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits...

Sandra Bulldog with her dress. :P I'll beSandra Bullock as if i wore a dress from Sandra Azwan...hehehehe.

Are you the next Malaysia's Top Female Blogger 2011? Why?
I've already obtained bunches of a big heart readers who loves most of my post, so I take it as a YesAlthough my blog just reached the age of four months,  I'm satisfied with the overall performance. (followers, daily visitors, comments on post). Actually we need at least a year experience to achieve the success as a feasible Top Female Blogger. As its quite a big title for a newbie (4months old) like me,why don't you judge it, SANDRA! :) either its a YES or NO.

I Love To Read Life With Sandra because... supply us with lots of fashion info. I'm so much impressed with those beautiful artworks like even your header portrays the sense of artistic of yours. The major attraction on your blog is your original idea and creativity like u were born with a drawing pen. I came to know about Life With Sandra when I saw your beautiful illustration on blogger. I straight away fell in love with it once I opened Good job and all the best Sandra :)

Click Life With Sandra to join...

Dear Sandra Azwan,

I am so keen to have such a beautiful header like yours. (sebagai hadiah saguhati pun boleh..keh keh keh..ok joke)

Best Regards,
Namee Roslan.

 Special question for Sandra Azwan....Why are you so gempak's? (70 words or less)...... :P

Happy reading and have a nice day.. :)


  1. berpinauu mata baca in fully english!
    hihihih tapi syufa phm! :D

    anyway goodluck dearie Namee Roslan! =)

  2. you can do it namee! all da best hehe

  3. good luck !cantik dress u pakai!

  4. hye..boleh dptkan top commenter kat sini

  5. gud luck sis..boley kot jd msia nxt top fmale blogger..:)

  6. gudluck name...hehehe..tq follow eka yer..terhatu sob sob t nak buat entry untuk awk..hehe

  7. Hello Namee......This is great!! Thanks babe..good luck!

  8. hey namee..wish you best of luck.Have faith in yourself :)

  9. good luck.dari peminat setia. :P macam boleh menang je ni.

  10. Gud luck dear! I pun dpt emel dr sandra tp lom ada masa nak update belog.. btw, nice blog u have.. follow u ~~

  11. dammm!! Tersalah komen pulak...sebenarnya nak komen di entry top 30 tu..ehehehe

  12. Read at Sandra's blog that you won! Congratz!!!


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